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From the sublime to the ridiculous and from failed comedy to philosophical musings on nature, BAN6 presents a scatter shot but compelling view of Bay Area art.

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Lee Friedlander’s ‘Signs’ @ Fraenkel

Exposing the underbelly of America’s slick facade. George Philip LeBourdais reports.

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Best of 2016

From a tumultuous year…the best exhibitions.

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Mark Van Proyen on Bruce Conner’s ‘It’s All True’

A retrospective for the quintessential San Francisco artist. Mark Van Proyen reports.

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Arnold Newman @ Contemporary Jewish Museum

He integrated modernist ideas about painting into photographic portraiture, making pictures of artists that are iconic.

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2013: The Year in Review

Here are some of Squarecylinder’s favorite shows from the past year, ordered without regard to rank or relative value, just overall goodness worth a backward glance.

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In Memoriam: Mercury News Art Critic Jack Fischer, 59

He brought to art criticism the experience and instincts of a pre-blogosphere print reporter. Patricia Albers recalls Fischer’s keen insights and sharp wit.

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The Photobook Renaissance

Below the radar, photobooks are embraced as an art form independent of their content, a fact ratified by museums and the market.

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Art Basel 2012

Marxist simpletons scream “commodity fetishism!” Slice through the fog of “post-criticality” and there’s plenty to savor. Mark Van Proyen reports.

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Youngsuk Suh @ Haines

During the brushfires of 2008-09, Youngsuk Suh photographed people in places that were engulfed in flames. What we get is a fresh spin on the New Topographics mode of photography and portrait of the American West that is true to life and a bit vexing: You can breathe the air; just don’t inhale.

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