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Broad Appeal. Most art journals are written by artists or academicians for their peers. Squarecylinder is different. It expresses informed critical opinions, but targets a broad audience – much the way a general-interest newspaper like the New York Times does. Squarecylinder’s goal is to expand the audience for art, not keep the dialog confined to a close-knit community. Our goal is to illuminate and demystify contemporary art issues.
Visually Rich. Each Squarecylinder article, depending on length, contains 4 to 7 color images. The articles look and read like traditional magazine articles, yet with links to art-historical references they leverage a key advantage of the Internet.
Ease of Use. Squarecylinder’s layout is simple, clean and logically organized. Editorial content is presented front and center — in reverse chronological order, from top to bottom. There are no mazes of links, no ways to get lost.
Attractive Advertising Environment. Squarecylinder gives advertisers several options for visibility, including very large 250 x 250 pixel banner ads – ideal for showcasing specific exhibits where an institutional banner ad won’t do.
Seasoned. Squarecylinder is the creation of David M. Roth, a journalist with a long career writing for national magazines. Prior to launching in Squarecylinder in May 2009, he was a Contributing Editor at Artweek (1994-2009) and a contributor to Art LTD
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