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Ian Harvey and Koo Kyung Sook @ JAYJAY

In their collaborative works, Harvey and Koo wrest order from manufactured chaos. Their wall-sized montages, built from thousands of images, show painting at its maximally expressive.

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Eleanor Wood @ Don Soker Contemporary

Eleanor Wood’s hermetic Minimalism embraces a sense of infinitely plotted spatial extensions while instantiating an intricate, insistent, rigidly contained, eye-catching, hypnotic singularity.

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Diane Arbus @ Fraenkel Gallery

After the exhaustively hagiographical 2003 Diane Arbus retrospective, Revelation, at SFMOMA, what more can there be to say or look at? Plenty, as this show of around 30 early works and outtakes.

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Markus Linnenbrink @ Sweetow

Markus Linnebrink doesn’t compose in the conventional sense; his works are a kind of visual archeology: an exploratory process in which the artist is both creator and excavator.

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Mike Henderson @ Haines

Employing Cubism’s floating color planes and Abstract Expressionism’s turbulent paint and ambiguous ideographs/hieroglyphs, Henderson’s works generate their own force field.

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