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Soundings @ Montalvo Art Center

Montalvo’s grounds become an outdoor stage for sound installations by leading avant-garde composers.

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James Gouldthorpe @ Montalvo

“Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters” chronicles the artist’s boy-to-man trajectory. Lawrence Gipe reports.

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Stephen De Staebler @ Montalvo

De Staebler’s work probes the eternal tension between spiritual aspirations and the sagging fault lines of our mortal experience.

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Sculpture on the Grounds @ Montalvo

Art treads lightly, but it nearly always packs a punch, as this annual event and gallery exhibition attest.

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Soil to Site @ Montalvo

Wilderness now exists only through acts of human beneficence. Three Bay Area artists examine this state of affairs.

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Natural and Creative Capital @ Montalvo

Here, at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains, in a gallery exhibition and in a series of site-specific works, seven artists of vastly different persuasions, examine the complex and often conflicted relationships we have with animals and nature.

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An Interview with Taro Hattori

Can a mobile teahouse help build community? Taro Hattori intends to find out. Interview by David M. Roth

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Best of 2015

A rundown of the the most memorable exhibits of 2015, including J.M.W. Turner, Robert Hudson, All Farrow, Jay DeFeo and more.

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