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SF Preview: Wiley, Graves, Hudson, Shaw!

Talk about star-studded line-ups. This month the Bay Area hosts major shows from William T. Wiley, Morris Graves, Robert Hudson and Richard Shaw. Herein, a sneak preview.

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Chris McCaw & Mario Giacomelli @ Stephen Wirtz

Chris McCaw uses the sun’s heat to scorch the his large-format photos. Mario Giacomelli depicts the Italian landscape as a palimpsest of gestures and messages, overwritten by time and human activity.

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Sacramento’s Stunning New Airport Art

When the new International Airport terminal opens in late 2011, visitors will be greeted by a 56-foot rabbit that appears to be diving from the ceiling into a suitcase. Your first-time of this city will be transformed.

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Road Trip: Fallon, NV

Fallon (pop: 7,536) may be the hippest little town in the way-out-there West. Need proof? Check out Bob Brady at Oats Park Arts Center, a cultural oasis where you can also catch big-city jazz. Joe Lovano, anyone?

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